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The five-minute tofu recipe people who hate tofu LOVE


If you like potato chips, you will love this recipe.

It is as tasty as chips, can be as salty as chips, is nearly as crunchy as chips, and is almost as easy to make as opening a bag of chips.

And it is something like a million percent healthier and a million percent less fattening. Which means if you are trying to diet or trying to eat healthy foods, this is the chip for you.

The invention of the tofu chip
I was making a curry tofu for myself and my curry-addicted husband ("Add more curry." "No, if I add more curry I won't be able to feel my extremities." "Yes, YES, add that much more." Sigh.) when I realized I had too much tofu.

What to do with leftover tofu?
It was too little to put back in the fridge, too much to throw away, but the perfect amount to screw around with.

So I did. And, inspired by salt and pepper tofu from the Chinese restaurant down the street, I invented tofu chips.

Vegetarian recipe for delicious tofu chips, if I do say so myself
1 package of very firm tofu (it's got to be the really firm stuff)

Place your tofu in a colander in the sink for at least an hour to allow the liquid to drain. Place a clean tea towel on top. Don't have an hour? Then pat your tofu firmly with the towel to soak up as much liquid as possible (I've done this when I was rushed and it works just fine).

Slice your tofu thinly (think the width of thick potato chips) and place your saute pan on the burner. Turn the heat to medium. When the pan is warm (you can tell when you drizzle a few drops of water into the pan with your fingertips and they instantly dance), add enough oil to generously coat the bottom of your pan.

Add your tofu (do not overlap; if your pan is too small to fit all the tofu, then do this in stages) and generously salt and pepper your slices (or use any other spices you like "Such as curry?" "No, haven't you had enough curry?" "Never!").

When the tofu has browned and crisped (it takes only a few minutes, but the trick is not to fuss with your tofu), then flip and salt and pepper yet again.

Cook until the other side is equally brown and crisp.

Pile onto a plate and munch away. Or arrange on a platter with dip and vegetables and munch away. Or dump them into a bowl and sneak into the den and enjoy them before your curry-loving husband wanders in to see what you are cooking and if it would be better with the addition of, say, curry.


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